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Limited Company Registration

Ours most well-known and popular company registration services are the services for limited company registrations in all round India and the whole world. Actually, the limited companies are perhaps the most common, popular, and preferred types of a company, for doing elegant and convenient business in any interested economic field. The gamut of limited companies encompasses both the private limited companies and the public limited companies. Both of these categories of companies are highly efficient for business establishments in the commercial, professional, services, and industrial sectors, for conducting businesses at local, national, or international levels. The public limited companies are larger than the private limited companies in respect of the capital investment and the scope of commercial activities. The private limited companies are run and managed most privately, and these cannot trade on the stock exchanges, like the public limited companies do. Apart from the online limited company registrations, our internationally commended layers in the company law are also well-adept in performing services for registrations of all other most popular forms of companies, as per the specific company law in individual countries.

Limited Company Registration Services India

As are most of our legal services, the services for limited company registrations, are also abundantly popular in all across India, because of the convenient location of our law firm in Delhi (India). For well-recognized limited company registration india, the paramount law concerned is the Companies Act of 1956. Associated in the process of limited company registration are the registrar of companies (ROC) in the relevant State of India, and the ministry of corporate affairs, the govt. of India. The procedure for registration of both the private limited companies and the public limited companies is almost the same. For doing every significant task during the whole company registration process, support of a well-informed and adept company lawyer is highly recommended and thus immensely beneficial. The various tasks and activities involved in the process of company registration are - choosing any of the two forms of limited companies based upon the business activities and priorities, getting governmental approval and reservation to the desired names of the company, preparing DINs and DSCs, flawless and expert drafting of MOA and the AOA, preparing all documents related with administration and management of the businesses of the company, filing prescribed applications and forms with the concerned ROC, obtaining requisite consent from regulatory bodies in support of company registration, and then, acquiring the certificates of company registration and commencement of business, in the case of the public limited company.