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Patent Litigation

Rigorous patent litigation is extremely elegant for preventing all types of misuses of any part of a properly registered invention by the infringers, within the specified national or international jurisdiction. Therefore, services for patent infringement litigation are vital and recommended part of the full gamut of legal services related with patents in all economic sectors. Hence, ours worldwide eminent and one of the most reputed and leading IPR law firms of India, delivers fast and impeccable patent litigation services in all across India and other nations of the entire world. Ours these superb and proficient legal services for patent litigation infringement, are described comprehensively and separately in the lower section. All perfectly registered patents under the Indian and all International patent conventions, and belonging to all fields of the sectors of business and commerce, industries, professions, and services, are adroitly and responsibly well-served by ours internationally renowned patent lawyers. The usual outcomes of a patent infringement litigation are prompt and rigorous injunction on the further continuation of infringement activities by the accused infringer company or firm, and recovery of financial compensation for all the commercial and reputational losses thus caused to the genuine owner of the registered patent.

Patent Litigation Services

Our brisk and bold patent litigation services are readily available in connection with patent which have been registered under the Indian Patents Act of 1970, and all International patent conventions and treaties. Today, the most famous such treaties are TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC). Ours expert patent lawyers possessing extensive and discerning information about the national and international patent laws worldwide, extend efficiently all services during the patent litigation process in the concerned city of the world. The most important of these tasks performed during the process are collection of relevant and convincing evidences in support of the alleged infringement activities; contacting and meeting the accused infringer, making him well-acquainted with the consequences of such illegal activities; trying to find resolution through ADR; otherwise, file a rigorous patent infringement lawsuit in the prescribed court of law; advocating brilliantly and forcefully for justice to our client; representing our client in the court of law during hearings and trials; and supervising the recovery of due compensation to our client from the convicted infringer.