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Trademark Registration New Delhi

In all across Delhi, and also in other parts of India, our most of the legal services are immensely popular, owing to the location of ours prestigious law firm in Delhi, and our rich and varied service experience in all major legal disciplines, essentially including the IPR and company law. Here, in ours this particular and precious web-page, we are effusing exclusive information about our expert and swift services for trademark registration new delhi. Because of being one of the most glamorous and thriving cities of India and the entire world, Delhi has been receiving and utilizing utmost dedicated and ace-quality services of ours globally admired and well-connected law firm, for a long impressive period. All small and big economic fields of occupation and economy have been comprehensively well-covered by ours trademark services in Delhi, and other parts of India, ad also of the whole world. So far, a vast number of individuals, companies, and firms related with diverse economic sectors and belonging to Delhi and various foreign countries, have utilized ours superb and secured services for online trademark registration new delhi. Besides the national-level trademark registrations of people and entities established in all across Delhi, ours proficient and renowned layers also deliver brisk services for their international-level trademark registrations worldwide.

Trademark Services in Delhi

Located in Delhi, our well-established and booming IPR law firm has been a hugely famous and highly admired IPR law firm of India for about a decade, owing to its impeccable, efficient, and reasonably-charged legal services for trademarks and all other categories of the corporate intellectual property. As far as the trademarks and service marks are concerned, our trademark lawyers of international repute have provided flawless and expeditious services for registration of these at Indian and international levels, for almost all 45 classes of goods and services of the Nice Classification. Again, our broad gamut of legal services related with trademarks and service marks also covers the services for trademark oppositions, trademark prosecutions for varieties of purposes, trademark watch and monitoring, expert and discerning trademark infringement analysis, well-rounded trademark consultation, and trademark infringement litigation, in addition to the services described below in brief.

Again, as far as the people and companies located in Delhi and NCR are concerned, ours veteran and innovative trademark lawyers have helped numerous of these in connection with their respective intellectual properties so far. Also, as our IPR law firm is located in Delhi, we are well-facilitated to provide the fastest services relating to trademarks and service marks to entrepreneurs, companies, professionals, etc., of entire NCR. The zonal office of Trademark Registry concerned for these people and entities is the Regional IPR Office located at Dwarka (Sector-14), New Delhi. These people and entities, irrespective of their engagement fields, are entitled to register their respective trademarks or service marks with support and guidance of this office only, in order to expand their businesses/services to every corner of entire India. And, for the purpose of expanding their businesses/services to certain desired foreign countries, they are required to register their trademarks under anyone or more of the following international treaties or conventions ---- the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Union Trade Marks (EUTM).

The following services of us have been immensely used and popular by people and companies of NCR and other parts of India:
  • Free Trademark Search (Name, Logo and Class): --- We offer free trademark search services to clients to ascertain originality and indisputable uniqueness of their proposed trademarks/service marks and company logos. These proposed trademarks and service marks may relate to any of the 45 classes of Nice classification. Trademark search is absolutely necessary well before filing the application for registration of the proposed trademark/service mark, in order to maximize the chances of prompt approval of the same by the concerned Registrar of Trade Marks.
  • Trademark Filing Services Delhi: --- After performing expertly and responsibly the trademark search, we may file their applications for trademark registrations with the concerned zonal trademark offices of India, on request of the concerned clients. If they desire, we may stop services after the filing process, or continue our services till the registration of the proposed trademark, service mark, or logo.
  • Trademark Registration: --- Ours this service covers everything starting the expert support for creation of a trademark/service mark/logo and trademark search to satisfying the trademark examiner/Registrar and handling the possible case of a trademark opposition. This service is quite cost-effective, as compared to the sum of the charges taken by us for all separate services associated with the entire procedure of trademark registration in India.
  • Trademark Renewal: --- Our well-informed and vibrant trademark lawyers also undertake service for trademark renewal with all five zonal offices of the trademark registry. Ours this service too is rather efficient, brisk, punctual, and fully responsible. The charges taken by our lawyers for trademark renewals or restoration of the removed trademarks, too, are quite generous and hence, economical.

People or companies located in Delhi, other cities of India or the whole world, may readily call over: +91-8800-100-281; or send their respective queries or mail to:; for availing our masterly and swift legal services related with trademarks and other items of intellectual property.


How to select a good Trademark?

To choose a highly unique and memorable trademark, try to use a fanciful, arbitrary or suggestive mark. Avoid numbers or abbreviations as they are difficult to remember by the consumers.

Who Should Apply for a Trademark?

The companies or the business owners who provide Products, Goods or Services to the customers, they are liable to apply for trademark registration.

How to Contact Trademark Lawyer if I Want to Register Trademark in Delhi NCR ?

The companies that want to apply for trademark services for their brands, goods or services; they can directly Call/Whatsapp at +91-88001-00281 for reliable and reasonable trademark law services from our trademark lawyer.

What are the benefits of trademark Registration?

Trademark registration for company is not only essential but also highly advantageous for it. Some benefits include:

  • It protects and enforces the company rights against the infringers of trademark.
  • It makes the company more credible and reliable in the view of the customers.
How long is a Registered Trademark valid for?

A registered trademark is valid for a tenure of 10 years, after which it has to be renewed for further usage.