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Trademark Registration Gurgaon

The second largest city of thriving Haryana, Gurgaon is now a globally famous outsourcing hub, and one of the most glamorous and richest cities of India. Because of being located in close proximity with Delhi, where the head office of ours internationally prominent law firm is well-established, Gurgaon has been availing the whole gamut of our legal services in various legal areas and disciplines, for a long progressive period. But, in this concise article, we are informing the visitors only about our expert and expeditious legal services for trademark registration gurgaon. All below specified economic fields of Gurgaon have been well-served by our brisk services for online trademark registration gurgaon. Apart from the national-level registrations of all trademarks and service marks of companies and firms located in all across Gurgaon, our adept trademark attorneys who are renowned internationally, also offer proficient and punctilious legal services for all international trademarks registrations of these entities in countries worldwide. Every new and precious trademark in gurgaon can be served by us impeccably, in connection with national and worldwide businesses in the pertinent economic field.

Online Trademark Services in Gurgaon

The full breadth of trademark services is provided in all across this major and galloping industrial and financial center of Haryana, by our reputed IPR law firm of India. Some of these trademark related services are performed solely through online resources and facilities, such as the online trademark registrations, trademark renewals, trademark search and infringement analysis, and expert trademark consultations. Our other rigorous and dutiful legal services for trademarks are trademark oppositions, trademark prosecutions, trademark watch and monitoring, and trademark infringement litigation. The economic fields of Gurgaon served excellently by our trademark services are telecommunications, automotive, information technology, business outsourcing, real estate and construction, catering and hospitality, leisure and entertainment, garment and textiles, retail, advertising, banking and finance, and other services. For all national-level trademark registrations of trademarks and service marks belonging to companies and firms situated in Gurgaon, relevant is the new Trade Marks Act of 1999, and the zonal trademark office located at Dwarka, New Delhi. For visionary international registrations of these, resorted exclusively to are treaties like TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.