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Trademark a Name or Logo

If you want to trademark a name or logo in India or abroad, then, ours internationally reputed law firm of Delhi is certainly a perfect choice. This fact holds good irrespective of the location of your company in India or abroad, or the field of your business or profession. Our well-resourced and thriving IPR law firm of India is internationally popular and reliable for top-notch and swift legal services for every object of the industrial and professional intellectual property, both at the national and international levels. But, on this webpage, we are exclusively concerned with offering fertile and rich information about our legal services for registering a trademark, a name, a logo, or even a slogan to distinguish and promote your products or services in the Indian or international jurisdictions.

In India, these objects of intellectual property are registered under the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and with support of any one of the five regional trademark registry offices of India. These divisional trademarks offices are located in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Ahmedabad; and each of these has jurisdictional authority over many States. Perfect selection of any of these offices are made on the basis of specific location of the concerned company, whose newly created trademark is being proposed for registration. And, at the international level worldwide, these are registered as per the rules and regulations of the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark [CTM], depending on the relevant countries for business purposes.

Our Services for Registering a Business Name, Logo or Slogan

The tasks or processes involved in the registration of a trademark, service mark, a business name or brand, a logo, or a slogan, and so on, are almost the same. These activities or tasks are Invention or Creation of the same; Selection of Appropriate Class; Trademark Search and Infringement Analysis; Preparing Requisite Application for Filing [Form TM-1 in India]; Official Examination and Verification; Satisfying the Requirements made by the concerned Office; and lastly, Prosecution for Proper and Best Registration. Our trademark lawyers of erudition, rich service-experience, and international fame, are well-versed in performing impeccably these all tasks, for registering a trademark or logo in India, or under any targeted international convention for trademarks.

So far, a huge number of business companies, professional firms, service-providing institutions, entrepreneurs, professionals, and industrialists, who are located in cities all across India and many foreign countries, have availed our these services quite gainfully and securely. Ours these top-notch, fast, and responsible services are available for all 45 broad classes of trademarks and service marks. Apart from registration of these objects of intellectual property, our other legal services for these all are trademark renewal, trademark opposition, trademark watch and monitoring, trademark infringement litigation, trademark prosecution for diverse objectives, etc.