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Patent Drafting

Perfect and impeccable patent drafting is a task of great care, ingenuity, and responsibility; and therefore, the patent drafting services are certainly among the most important legal services for IPR. Our worldwide eminent and highly rated and commended law firm of India, has been exclusively renowned and popular for our legal services for IPR and the company and commercial laws, to Indian and global clients. Our erudite, well-informed, and innovative patent lawyers of international stature and repute, have been performing flawless and masterly patent drafting to serve companies and firms doing businesses and professions in various economic fields, and located in India and other countries worldwide. In ours this very constructive and enlightening article, we are providing the full gamut of vital and very creative information about our services for patent drafting, and the patent drafting india.

The patent drafting is the task of presenting any new and fully original invention concerned with any economic field, in a highly intelligent, safe, unique, and instantly convincing way, in order to make the same readily acceptable and flawless to the relevant national or international patent office. The strict rules and regulations of the concerned patent office are also to be complied with completely, during the patent drafting.

Patent Drafting Services in India

In India, ours richly experienced and veteran patent lawyers offer superb, fast, and fully responsible patent drafting services for patent registrations under any of the Indian patent offices, and the international patent offices. All pertinent economic fields have been expertly served by ours patent attorneys regarding patent drafting and registration, all other legal services for patents; such as national and international patent searches, patent watch and monitoring, expert patent prosecutions for diverse purposes, patent oppositions, patent renewals, and patent infringement litigation. In India, patents in all fields are drafted and registered as per the rules and regulations given in the Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972, and amendments incorporated to these so far. The most significant patent drafting guidelines are related with size of the paper, the orderly arrangement of things in the patent specification, recommended color of the ink used, font sizes for headings and sub-headings, specifications regarding necessary drawings, left and right margins, quality and elegance of literature, emphasis on originality and own expertise, impregnable and unambiguous presentation, and other highly sensitive and significant things.