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Copyright Infringement

Any act or activity that violates the due and special rights of the genuine creator, is generically termed as the copyright infringement. After proper registration of any originally created work or creation, its creator is given certain legitimate rights and privileges for personal or commercial uses, reproduction, distribution or displaying, selling or performing, and hiring or licensing of the copyrighted work, within the jurisdiction of the copyright office. Here it may also be complementarily added that complete protection against all sorts of copyright infringements is pre-requisite for total security and stability of the business, and its maximal reputation and profitability in the concerned or targeted marketplace. Therefore, robust copyright protection is of vital importance and usefulness to companies and firms doing business in various fields of the sectors of professions, business and commerce, industries, and services. For such purposes, ours internationally renowned IPR law firm of India, proudly offer the complete range of services to tackle copyright infringements to individuals and entities which are located in all across India, and other countries situated in all around the whole world. Our superb and robust copyright infringement services are explained in the lower section, taking India as an example.

Copyright Infringement Services in India

Our services for resolving and preventing cases of copyright infringement are available for all diverse categories of copyrighted works, creations, and materials. By individuals, companies, and firms pertaining to every part of India, ours dutiful legal services for copyright and all other classes of IP, are hugely appreciated and recommended, at national as well as international or worldwide level. In India, copyright infringement cases are rigorously punishable under the provisions given in the section 63 of the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. At level international and worldwide, ours services for sorting out copyright infringement cases, are performed as per the rules and provisions given in the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and the Rome Convention. The tasks involved in the entire copyright infringement litigation process are gathering solid and convincing evidences to prove the existence of infringement activities, meeting the infringer person or company, making him informed about the consequences of copyright infringement, seeking solutions through ADR or filing a stern copyright infringement lawsuit, advocating for protecting the exclusive rights of our client in the court of law, attending court hearings and trials, requesting prompt injunction on all infringement activities and due compensation from the infringer, and escorting the recovery of monetary compensation for all the commercial harms and damages caused by the infringer.