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Copyright Symbols

The copyright symbols are those signs or symbols which when depicted on products or creations, imply that the concerned things are under complete copyright protection, and also that the owners of the copyrighted things hold all rights for taking every stern legal action against the infringers. Detailed information about the two main types of copyright symbols and the usage of these is described separately in the lower section. Here it may be noted that copyright gives protection to the unique creations, or the unique form or style of expression (literary, audio, or visual). The authority or right to use the copyright symbol on products, works, or creations by the creator is granted by the concerned copyright office, after proper and perfect copyright registration under the said office. The exclusive rights granted to the owner or holder of the copyright are related with reproduction of the copyrighted thing, a variety of commercial uses of the thing including hiring and leasing, distribution and selling of the material in open marketplace, making exhibition or performing the copyright creation, and taking all rigorous actions for safety and protection of the copyrighted work or creation, within the jurisdiction of the pertinent office.

Type of Copyright Symbol & Meanings

The types of copyright symbol used exclusively and generically by national and international copyright offices of the whole world are two. Ours this section deals especially with these copyright symbols and meanings thereof. The type of copyright symbol used on all works and creations except the sound recordings and collections, is the capital C encircled as ©. For all diverse types of sound recordings, the copyright symbol used is the encircled capital P. Each of these copyright symbols must be portrayed conspicuously and strikingly on the creations and works concerned. For depicting the copyright symbol on products or objects, the following pattern is generally strictly followed:

Copyright © Year [Name or any Identity of the Copyright Owner]. All Rights Reserved.

The 'Year' depicted as above, is the year when the copyrighted product was published or displayed in public, for the very first time. The copyright owner or holder can use his/her/its full name or an abbreviation of it, which must preferably be well-eminent in public. Again, the copyright owner could be an individual, a company, a firm, or a group or association of individuals, companies, or firms.