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NBFC Registration

The non-banking financial companies have now emerged out as hugely supportive and significant complementary to the institutions in the banking and financial sector, in most of the developed countries of the world. These companies help entrepreneurs, industrialists, investors, and other individuals in their dealings with and transactions in hire-purchasing, leasing, loans and deposits, investment funds, insurance works and matters, and instruments of the capital and money markets. Here, it must be noted that functions and responsibilities of these non-banking financial companies are different from those performed by the banks and other registered institutions in the financial sector. Thus, in short, the NBFCs play the vital and great intermediation between the public borrowers and investors, and the banking and financial sector in any country. In this very informative webpage, we are presenting all pivotal information about the nbfc registration india, and ours swift and superb nbfc registration services. Here it may also be informed that our law firm is one of the hugely popular and leading IPR law firms of India, with ample international prominence and repute.

NBFC Registration Procedure & Services in India

For flawless and brisk nbfc registrations in all across India, ours lawyers have been extending expert and responsible services to investors and companies for a long time, including the service for online nbfc registration. In India, NBFCs are registered as per the section 45-IA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Any company properly registered under the Indian Companies Act of 1956, and engaged in any of the above-mentioned fields, can acquire an nbfc registration certificate from RBI, provided it fulfills the requisite requirements. To those companies whose annual financial transactions with clients exceed 50% of their own capital, this nbfc registration is essential. For the nbfc registration in india, the minimum amount of capital required is INR-2Crore (since April 1999). Our well-experienced and expert lawyers comprehensively help desirous companies and investors during the whole nbfc registration procedure. Here, it may be noted that, now in India, there are three main categories of NBFCs; these are - asset finance companies, loan companies, and the investment companies. Depending upon the requirements and priorities, the applicant companies can select any of these three types of non-banking financial companies, for setting up in any part of India.