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Trademark Renewal

Punctual trademark renewal is the significant task performed for keeping up full recognition of a registered trademark, and enjoying full gamut of granted trademark rights, within the concerned jurisdiction. These trademark renewals (tm renewals) are timely accomplished at national and international levels, for these vital necessities of businesses in various economic sectors. In general, most of the national and international trademark offices of the world provide validation to a registered trademark or renewed trademark, for a period ranging from seven to ten years. Within the expiration of this period, companies and firms active in all economic fields are essentially required to renew their respective trademarks and service marks; otherwise, these will be discarded from the trademark register of the relevant national or international trademark offices. Our widely prominent and amply reputed IPR law firm situated in Delhi, has been extending dutiful and timely trademark renewal services for trademark renewal india and abroad, for punctilious service to our Indian and foreign clients.

Trademark Renewal Services India

In India, the perfect registration or renewal of any trademark or service mark is valid for a period of ten years from the date of its registration or renewal. These timely renewals are to be made with any of the zonal trademark offices located in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad, for maintaining undaunted validity and efficacy of any trademark, within the entire country of India. For over a decade ours mature and mellowed lawyers have been serving companies, firms, and individuals belonging to various occupational fields, in their timely and hassle-free completion of trademark renewals, in all across India. Consequently, our law firm adorned with worldwide prominence is now rather famous regarding 'india tm renewals'. In addition to these, Indian companies and firms are also expertly helped by ours veteran lawyers for obtaining trademark renewals under the TRIPS Agreement, European Community Trademark, Berne Convention, and the Madrid Protocol. Here, it may also be informed that our reputed and one of the leading IPR law firms of India, extends the full breadth of legal services for trademarks in all fields, essentially covering the tasks of trademark registrations, trademark opposition, trademark watch, trademark infringement analysis, trademark prosecutions, and trademark infringement litigation, delivered in places all across India and the whole world proficiently.