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Copyright Protection

Proper and flawless copyright protection is compulsory for fully secured and maximally lucrative commercial or professional uses of the copyright creation or material, by the genuine creator, with the concerned national or international jurisdiction. The copyright office in the relevant national or international jurisdiction, offers the creator of the copyrighted creation or matters, certain legitimate rights for complete copyright protection. These rights of copyright protection are formulated to prevent the partial or total infringement in the copyrighted materials by other people or entities, all types of misuses of the copyrighted creation by others, commercial or professional reproduction of the copyrighted creation by other individuals or companies, unlawful public display or performance of the copyrighted work or creation, selling or hiring the copyrighted work by any unauthorized person or company, and so on. Thus, copyright registration and protection is indeed vital for complete safety and most profitable business or profession in any concerned economic field. Therefore, ours world-famous and reliable IPR law firm of India, offers the full range of services for copyright protection to individuals, companies, and firms, which are located in countries worldwide.

Copyright Protection Act in India

Because of the location of ours full-fledged law firm, we are rather popular and highly appreciated regarding copyright protection in india, in all across the whole country. All diverse categories of creations, works, and materials have been made protected by ours copyright protection services. In India, the copyright protection act is encompassed by the Indian Copyright Act of 1957, which has been amended regularly for betterment, and to be in close compliance with various international copyright conventions and treaties. The well-crafted Indian copyright act of 1957 has been amended in the years 1983, 1984, 1992, 1994, 1999, and 2012, for such purposes. In addition to the domestic copyright protection in all across India, ours internationally commended copyright lawyers also support individuals and companies in acquiring copyright registrations and copyright protection in international jurisdictions, with the help of the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, Rome Convention, and the Universal Copyright Convention. For copyright registrations in different parts of India, there are well-established national-level zonal copyright offices in major cities of every region of the country, as per the recommendations given in the section 9 of this copyright law of India.